PPI – Private Property Towing

PPI-Private Property Towing

By Big Mike

So, I’m going to go over a few pointers for people living in the Rancho Santa Margarita Area….  I receive calls every weekend and sometimes during the week from people looking for their vehicle that was towed….. First of all, 24 HR Towing Rancho Santa Margarita does not provide PPI services to the public. We have noticed over the years that weather a vehicle owner parked in the wrong spot or not that the left behind stigma of having their car towed would make them waaaay less likely to call us back. We like to be remembered for helping people with the roadside needs. 

People aren’t sure where to took when this happens though. There are a few basic rules that will help point out what should have taken place.

  • #1. A Tow provider can only PPI Impound a vehicle if they have received permission from the property owner (or representative). That can be a security guard, a manager or even the tenant with a lease proving that the parking spot in question is there…..
  • #2 The Tow Truck provider is required to have a yard within 10 miles of the impound location.
  • #3 There has to be adequate and specific times of signage pointing out the towing rules if in violation….
  • #4 The Tow provider has to notify local Law Enforcement that they have Impounded this vehicle and its storage location within one hour of the impound.

This brings me to my next point. The best place to call to find you vehicle after being impounded is not every random tow truck company on google at 2am!!!!! Call your property management number, security company number or the local police or sheriffs dept. Whichever one answers at 2am lol. Also, keep in mind that you will need you State DL AND Registration to retrieve this vehicle. Titles and insurance documents do not verify ownership LEAGALLY… If you are not the name on the Current Registration, then the Tow Truck Company probably will not release it to you. Which makes since because you are not the legal owner. So, make sure you bring the legal owner with you!

Big Mike Rant

” The takeaway here would be….

  • Don’t park in other people’s spots!!!!!
  • Call the Police when trying to find you vehicle.
  • Bring you DL and the Registration.
  • Expect to pay more money that you want to get it out of hawk. “

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