Towing Jump Starts

Jump Starts - From a Tow Truck

By BigMike

Jumping dead batteries is a big part of my daily job description. Honestly, I like them. It gives me a chance to connect with the random people I meet. One thing that I find myself hearing 90% of the time is…

“I tried to jump it alread and nothing….”

I then hook up the Tow Truck, with the specially designed cables that connect to my F-650 Tow Truck… I then inject life into dead batteries like a mad scientist LOL. I operate mostly in Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Ladera Ranch, Foothill Ranch and Trabuco Canyon, and eventually as the day goes in venture out into other parts of Orange County. So if you dwell or frequent these areas and need a jump or know someone who does just call us up. Sometimes I feel like it would be a good addition to my business to have a service vehicle that services batteries only. But I like the extra power that comes from the bigger truck.

This brings me to the conversation with the many people I meet. I just explain that the amount of power an alternator from a Honda Civic just won’t give out as much juice as an F-650 Tow Truck. To someone in the industry this is common knowledge. But if you don’t deal with this everyday then not so much. Nevertheless we can come out and get most cars started as long as the alternator is good and it’s just the battery in question. That way you don’t have to pay for a tow to get you to a shop for a battery… Might be able to handle it on your own.

One more takeaway. If you can jump your car and it starts but dies as soon as you disconnect the cables…. its the alternator… Call 24 HR Towing Rancho Santa Margarita!!!

Just another rant from BigMike


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